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    Name: | Age: 62 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 39183 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added at: 2013-08-27
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    What do you like about Vicksburg?
    The Location, about 200 miles from Dallas, New Orleans, Memphis, Little Rock, Not much farther to Nashville, Atlanta, The Gulf Coast. I like the mild winters, we are far enough from the coast that the Hurricanes are not too bad, we seem to avoid a lot of other natural disasters.

    What do you dislike about Vicksburg?
    I have raised 4 kids in this town and the school system is Horrible and rated with a Failing Grade, the drop out rate is bad and if you are white, you will be the minority here. It seems that most politicians past and current are dishonest and are in the news for one thing or another. The price of gas is about .10 higher than Jackson 40 miles away and I heard that it goes through Vicksburg to get there. Wal-Mart has a monopoly and has higher prices than the next one over in Clinton. The Warren County Sheriffs Department is Lacking in quality and competence. The Judges seem to do Favors for friends and usually gets away with it, some times they lose their job. The last City Mayor is in the news with Legal problems, The Circuit Clerk is being investigated for mishandling money, seems like elected officials, Police and Judges are above the Law and do as they please. Sounds pretty Bad doesn't it. If you are considering moving here you may want to reconsider.

    What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in?
    We have too many Casino's that cause more problems than they help. The do have some nice restaurants. The Military Park is Nice and we have more than a few Museums. Vicksburg sells itself as a Tourist town but I would be Very careful when visiting, seems like something bad going on with tourist in the paper all the time.

    How expensive is it?
    Property Taxes seems to go up every year, water and gas seem too high, especially water in the county but you may not want to live in the City. Electric seems reasonable but then we do have one of the Largest Nuclear Power Plants 30 miles away. So Far So Good, no melt down Yet.

    Is it safe?
    No, like I said the Sheriff has no idea what is going on and is probably in Jackson more than not. The Deputies will lie and get away with it, they all have a pretty good Buddy system with Immunity. don't know much about the city police, I try to stay out of town.

    How is the weather?
    I like the weather, can get pretty hot in the summer with the humidity but I can live with that to Live without Snow.

    Additional thoughts?
    I tell all my kids to move away and I plan to soon, I hope other people will be honest with their reviews. Schools shouldn't matter to me at my age but they may reflect on the kind of kids dropping out and adding to the towns problems. I am hoping for a Safer Stress Free Life in a town that is not in the paper all the time with corruption. I guess you can go through the Newspaper to see for yourself, you may not know about the Legal system here until it is Too Late.