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The concept is a dynamic network of city guides geared towards an intellectual/artistic demographic with the goal of improving intellectual/artistic culture in each respective city.

Each city would have, ideally, at least two writers (as that would enable them to edit each other's articles and more effectively compile a recommended events calender). To the degree each particular city site worked, these writers would be instrumental in directing people to worthwhile places, events, ideas, music, etc.. They would, ideally, be instrumental in defining/improving the quality of artistic/intellectual culture in their respective cities.

I'd like to start doing this non-commercially on a volunteer basis with people who understand/see the need for a resource like this. In the future, ads or grant options could be considered/pursued to pay writers in each city. Ultimately, whatever formula (paid writers, volunteer writers, somewhere in between, etc.) results in the most viable, highest quality outcome, is the formula that will be favored/pursued.

The only crucial skill required is excellent aesthetic and intellectual judgment, an ability to effectively profile the city you live in so that any event worthy of attention/attendance makes the calender of events and worthwhile subjects unique to your particular city are written about.

If interested, please complete the following online tests/application.