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rcoaircoanrloanrloai | rluairluan | rcuanrcuaircoeircoenrloenrloei | rlueirluenrcuenrcuei
scoaiscoansloansloai | sluaisluan | scuan | scuaiscoeiscoensloensloei | slueisluenscuenscuei


spends more time in group activities than solitary activities, not easily hurt, does not like to do things alone, comes alive in night life activities and crowds, trusting, fits in most places, positive, more comfortable when things are imperfect, more artistic than articulate, does not like to go days without speaking to anyone, more abstract than logical, not self absorbed, not materialistic, self expressive, modest, not vain, likes change, not introspective, happiest when helping others, loyal to a fault, wild and crazy, acts without thinking or planning, thoughtful, happy doing mindless work, easy to persuade, socially comfortable, high energy level, rarely prepared, outgoing, self confident, level emotions, not interested in science, easy to get to know, fearless, content, positive, optimistic, not easily hurt, relaxed, usually happy, able to disregard rules, underachiever, likes to tell jokes, not embarrassed easily, adapts easily to new situations, interested in others

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