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Average Ratings:
Artisticness: 4.0    Calmness: 3.0    Helpfulness: 3.0   
Intellectualness: 3.0    Neatness: 3.0    Outgoingness: 4.0   
Average Resident Personality Test Scores:
Artisticness: 2.67    Calmness: 3.17    Helpfulness: 3.83   
Intellectualness: 4.00    Neatness: 3.00    Outgoingness: 4.67   


Name: SARAH | Age: 16 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 01104 | Resident for: 5-10 years | Added on: 2006-11-10
Artisticness: 4   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 3   Intelligence: 3   Neatness: 3   Outgoingness: 4   
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What do you like about Honiara? I love honiara I am fom ther
What do you dislike about Honiara? The friut called bealtnut caueses a lot of mess there
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? i love honiara the best but if u are looking 4peace and 2 o diving the villages would bee the best place.
How expensive is it? it is not really that expensive........ but it depends
Is it safe? well currently there has been fights in the ciubtry but i woukd say u are pretty safe there
How is the weather? lovely!
Additional thoughts? I LOVE MY COUNTRY