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Name: Jennie | Age: 28 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 25705 | Resident for: 5-10 years | Added on: 2006-07-09
Artisticness: 1   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 4   Intelligence: 1   Neatness: 2   Outgoingness: 3   
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When I moved here 8 years ago, I found the people of Huntington to be pretty accepting in general. Things like appearance and status symbols don't seem to impress them as much as the rest of the country. They seem willing to give just about anyone a chance -- but cross them, and you'll never get a second chance.

The #1 worst thing about Huntington is the utter lack of good jobs. Without a college degree, the only way you will make decent money is if you are a physically strong male. Even with a college degree, about the best you can hope for around here is a job that actually provides health insurance -- and it won't be a good paying job, either. The jobs simply aren't here -- nobody wants to do business in West Virginia because it's a tax hell.

Huntington is about average as far as cost of living. Homes are actually pretty cheap -- I could buy a decent one for around $70,000 -- but because salaries are so low, they're still hard to afford. Safety wise, I feel that as long as you aren't involved in the drug scene, you'll be fine. Don't hang out on Doulton Avenue and get your butt in the house at a decent hour. You can find all sorts of trouble if you want, but trouble usually won't come looking for you.

I sense a major victim mentality in Huntington and the state in general, and I see a lack of drive in the people on a daily basis that just astounds me. There is no reason, if you are young, to NOT go some sort of secondary school once you are out of high school. You have no prayer if you don't! Compared to other places I've lived, Huntington seems to have more than its fair share of people who are content to live in poverty all their lives -- and not because they can't do anything about it, but because they don't want to put forth the effort.

One of the things you have to have in Huntington -- not negotiable -- is a car. You cannot have any kind of quality of life without one. The bus system is a joke -- it can take you 2 hours to go 10 miles, depending on where you live and where you're going.

The weather here is pretty decent. We get all 4 seasons. Summers are okay -- I've seen much worse. The fall, if the temperature gradually turns cold, is breathtaking. Lots of rain, though -- and I don't know if the weather forecasters here just suck, or if weather here is very hard to predict, but it's always a good idea to take an umbrella.

I hang out at Pullman Square, where I can people watch and yet still have a semi-private conversation with friends. PS is a family kind of place. There are plenty of bars and strip joints for the partiers. I'm not aware of any "classy" bars out there, but then I don't drink.

I have a love-hate relationship with this city. After almost 8 years, I wake up a lot and ask myself "why are you still here?" Sometimes I really don't know why. I love my job, but I could double my salary elsewhere. The main reasons I stay is I go to a really fantastic church -- the kind that you don't find every day -- and my family and friends are here.

If I could just make a decent living, this would be the perfect place to lay down roots. Unless something changes, though, I don't know how much longer I can afford to stay.

Name: Linda | Age: 45 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 25504 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added on: 2006-07-22
Artisticness: 1   Calmness: 2   Helpfulness: 2   Intelligence: 2   Neatness: 1   Outgoingness: 1   
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Easy to get around. Dirty city, needs a face lift! Pullman Square, Ritter Park. Expensive compared to salaries. No, it isn't safe. In the past it was, but not with drug element. Weather, distinct 4 seasons. People need to get their head out of the sand and realize it is a big world out there. Huntington, socio-economic wise, and such, is a place nobody wants to move to, or visit. It is just a place that once you are here, you try to make the best of, or you move on.