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Average Ratings:
Artisticness: 2.7    Calmness: 2.3    Helpfulness: 2.0   
Intellectualness: 2.7    Neatness: 2.0    Outgoingness: 2.7   
Average Resident Personality Test Scores:
Artisticness: 3.12    Calmness: 3.11    Helpfulness: 2.93   
Intellectualness: 3.05    Neatness: 3.27    Outgoingness: 3.10   


Name: | Age: 21 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 84414 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added on: 2014-10-29
Artisticness: 4   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 3   Intelligence: 3   Neatness: 3   Outgoingness: 4   
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What do you like about Ogden? Ogden's history is pretty old, and it's been able to keep a lot of that in tact. The businesses are growing, and most parts of the city are beautiful. It's very diverse and you get a small taste of that everywhere.
What do you dislike about Ogden? Ogden has a negative stigma attached to it because parts of it are run down. I wouldn't want to live in the downtown areas. They have a lot more drug-related activity.
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? suburban areas of the city are definitely a lot better that the urban areas.
How expensive is it? average.
Is it safe? for the most part. the people are kind and good...you know what areas aren't safe and you just stay out of them. (downtown areas.) during the day though, everything
How is the weather? Always the opposite of what it should be, and to the extreme.
Additional thoughts?

Name: | Age: 21 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 84403 | Resident for: 5-10 years | Added on: 2007-08-24
Artisticness: 3   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 2   Intelligence: 4   Neatness: 2   Outgoingness: 3   
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What do you like about Ogden? I like that it gets really familiar after awhile. It's pretty quiet in places, and the Mayor here is starting to get the city on it's feet again. We are getting some pretty neat stuff like an outdoor mall and a trax service, and possibly someday a gondola that will take you to the ski resort over the mountain.
What do you dislike about Ogden? The middle area (Downtown Ogden) where all the druggies live. If you want to be safe, live either in northern Ogden, southern Ogden, or eastern Ogden. Stay out of the area between 12th st and about 30th st and between Harrison Blvd and Washington Blvd. That block is pretty bad there.
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? The Junction on 24th st and Washington, and Weber State Univ. Campus. There are also pretty awesome trails all over the place.
How expensive is it? Not bad at all if you want to live in the bad area. But if you want to live in the safe places, it's affordable (between $700-$1200 rent and $120k - $300k house).
Is it safe? Pretty safe in the good areas. Even in the bad areas we have a really good police force, but that doesn't stop the crime from happening.
How is the weather? Unpredictable in the winter, and hot in the summer.
Additional thoughts? The only reason I stay here is because I know where everything is. I'd move somewhere else with better weather (New Zealand maybe?) in a minute if I had the money.

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