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Name: | Age: 33 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 58701 | Resident for: 3-5 years | Added on: 2007-04-23
Artisticness: 1   Calmness: 5   Helpfulness: 4   Intelligence: 1   Neatness: 2   Outgoingness: 3   
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What do you like about Minot?
The people are nice and friendly.

What do you dislike about Minot?
After living here three years and viewing it with a glass-half full attitude...I realize now that it's a depressed town that feels like it's slowly shrinking. The buildings are shoddy and uninspiring. The buildings that are being redone (older ones) aren't being revived in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. (Think lots of stucco and siding, and blocking up of old large window, with tiny vinyl-clad and glass block.) It's very grey and way too much concrete...a sea of concrete covers most of downtown, with little to know grass, or trees or potted plants to be seen. Older buildings are being knocked down (in some cases, they need to be, in others, just because they've been bought for the land use for parking space). So, there's now a sea of parking downtown near Main Street and Third Streets, and South Broadway near Burdick Expressway. It's very sad, and uninspiring to see this. It's like a used car parking lot everywhere you see... and I've seen some preowned dealerships that are far nicer looking.
The zoning here is the worst I've ever seen anywhere. Town planning seems to be pretty horrible too (though I've never been to a meeting, but I haven't seen any positive changes in three years...knocking down buildings to add more parking isn't good long-term planning IMO...yes, parking is needed, but if you saw the results, you'd see what I mean).
Most of the people here are transient, due to the military base. And, the doctors come and go since the hospital holds a monopoly and they're interest in doctor retention seems non-existent. We've heard from many townspeople that physicians come and go frequently, and they are dismayed by it, so they prefer drive two to three hours for better care.
The shopping is very weak, and the restaurant choice is even worse. Granted you can get what you 'need' here, and you can always find what you want online, but if you're a shopper, this definitely is not the place for you. I don't care as much for that, but I do appreciate accessability. And here, you really learn to have patience you never had. You can wait months for a quote to redo something in your house, however minor. It's a very DIY town, and unfortunately it shows. Also, people seem to miscommunicate here - granted they're nice about it, but somehow they order the wrong thing that takes weeks to get, then have to reorder it, businesses often don't call you back so you're often having to call for services or products...(I thought businesses wanted business).
I honestly think now that the only people that want to live here are those who are born and raised here and their family is still here. There is no other reason to be here except if you have an intense desire to not be far from your family.

What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in?
There is one great restaurant, 10 North Main. Excellent service, comparable to many big city restaurants in quality and service. The zoo is also a great place since it's never crowded and I would it classify as 'quaint' (in a good way). If you love zoos but hate the crowds, the biggness... this zoo is perfect, and you can feed the animals.

How expensive is it?
It's very inexpensive to live here since the cost of living is far below the national standard - especially the housing. If you are not well off, this a great place to live, but it's a double-edged sword...it get you anywhere either...and you'll never get a chance to work up some sort of career ladder here, so basically if you're poor here, you're gonna stay poor here. It's an isolated place, so it's not like you can go to the next town over for a bigger opportunity and yet live in the more affordable place. On the plus side, very little importance is placed on money, so if you don't have much, and are humble, you'll certainly feel comfortable and welcome. In fact, that is a good thing about this place. Most people are friendly, humble and unpretentious. This is a place where you can be a big fish in a little pond if that's important to you.

Is it safe?
Very much, though a few incidents have occurred that have been pretty shocking - a little girl dissappeared and was on national news. A stream of break-ins occurred, sometimes while the people were actually home. But, these are pretty rare incidences compared to bigger cities...or just about any other place. Here, your name and where you live get listed in the local paper for anything you do...so your neighbors will know if you get that speeding ticket or have any other misdemeaor or violation with the law.
How is the weather?
Great in the summer, though Spring and Fall are virtually non-existent.
Additional thoughts?
A great place to have babies and raise young kids, if promoting strong family-centered foundation is of utmost importance. On the flip side, the birthing center is ancient as are the hospital ammenities. Doctors rotate so quickly, you aren't guaranteed high quality of care - in fact many locals go to Bismark for operations or other procedures due to not wanting to wait months for an appointment, or for continuity of care with same physician. There isn't much for children to take part in...hence the strong family connection! There are some things, but the choices are usually one class, at one time of year....that's it. If you need time to yourself, and it's after 5pm, or the weekend, forget it. There is no drop-in daycare (they say there is, but there's no space, I checked). Babysitters are very hard to come by despite the university. (A problem reported to me by several well-paying parents). Daycare is almost exclusively home-based in someone else's home - but most people seem to rely on their family members to watch their kids in the day, or leave work/close businesses early so they can be home with family. Many other couples work different shifts in order to watch their kids.

To sum it up, if you're thinking of moving here, you'll likely be happier elsewhere. And, if you still insist on coming here, don't expect to use your house as any sort of investment. The homes here sit for years, and the real estate market is nothing like anywhere else in the country.