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Average Ratings:
Artisticness: 4.0    Calmness: 3.0    Helpfulness: 3.0   
Intellectualness: 2.0    Neatness: 2.0    Outgoingness: 4.0   
Average Resident Personality Test Scores:
Artisticness: 3.18    Calmness: 3.15    Helpfulness: 2.97   
Intellectualness: 3.01    Neatness: 3.10    Outgoingness: 2.93   


Name: | Age: 55 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 96788 | Resident for: 3-5 years | Added on: 2005-09-29
Artisticness: 4   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 3   Intelligence: 2   Neatness: 2   Outgoingness: 4   
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What do you like about Makawao?It cool temps etherial light at sunset, the stars at night. Lots of horses, not too many NUTZ.
What do you dislike about Makawao?The gobs of tourists for a tiny small town.
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? Olinda, Kula, Ulapalakuka, Back road to Hanna.
How expensive is it?Gas is bad, worst of all the islands, somebody's got some very dirty hands. The prices and avalibility for affordable housing do not exhist, HUD tries to catch up, one must wait 3-4 years.
Is it safe?Yes if your not stupid or terribly naaive.
How is the weather? HA, HA, like heaven on earth!
Additional thoughts?
Many, Aloha