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Average Ratings:
Artisticness: 3.5    Calmness: 3.3    Helpfulness: 3.0   
Intellectualness: 3.3    Neatness: 3.8    Outgoingness: 2.8   
Average Resident Personality Test Scores:
Artisticness: 3.03    Calmness: 3.14    Helpfulness: 2.98   
Intellectualness: 3.19    Neatness: 3.35    Outgoingness: 3.23   


Name: Joe | Age: 32 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 80218 | Resident for: 5-10 years | Added on: 2005-12-29
Artisticness: 4   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 3   Intelligence: 4   Neatness: 4   Outgoingness: 3   
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What do you like about Denver?
- It's the perfect size for getting around in. I like the dual feel of old west meets new. Downtown is awesome and 16th Street Mall is fantastic. The people seem like characters :-) And the public transportation system is number 1 in the nation and it shows. Also, racial relations are great here.

What do you dislike about Denver?
- The fact that it is so close to Colorado Springs, where people are anything but friendly or open minded, the fact that I can't run a block without feeling out of breath even though I am in shape, because of its altitude.

What are your favorite parts of the city to live
and/or hang out in?
- 16th St Mall, lower downtown aka LoDo, anywhere in boulder or in the mountains, any of the casinos nearby, Cheesman Park, and Colfax St.

How expensive is it?
- It's pretty expensive and prices are going high because alot of people are moving there. I would say a little higher than average.

Is it safe?
- Very safe, Colfax isn't as bad as many people will tell you, as long as you don't mind some panhandling and the occasional prostitute/crackhead.

How is the weather?
- Excellent. Denver has all four seasons in their full beauty. The winters snow moderately, but not as much as you would think. It doesn't get as cold as you would think either and snows melt relatively quickly. Summers are perfect.

Additional thoughts?
- Denver is truly a gem of a city, and it's probably one of America's best kept secrets. It is a bastion of liberallism in an otherwise conservative state. People will tell you that you may leave Denver, but you will always come back :-)

Name: | Age: 36 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 80210 | Resident for: 3-5 years | Added on: 2007-06-21
Artisticness: 4   Calmness: 4   Helpfulness: 4   Intelligence: 4   Neatness: 4   Outgoingness: 3   
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What do you like about Denver? It's a charming city that is fairly big, but doesn't feel big, and has a terrific downtown with lots of great shops and restaurants. Public transporation is good, and it has a great combination of sports, theater, music, art, and festivals.
What do you dislike about Denver? Traffic is probably the worst thing, particularly around I-25 and I-70. Also, outside of downtown, the city is fairly sprawling and not nearly as attractive. It's rather dry, so it doesn't have the lakes and greenery of the eastern coast. And also, it's surprisingly flat - the mountains, though nice, are an hour away.
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? LoDo (lower downtown), the Washington Park neighborhood, City Park, and the 16th Street Mall.
How expensive is it? Fairly, but not nearly so as cities like New York, Boston, or San Francisco.
Is it safe? Like any big cities, there are bad areas, but Denver for the most part is safe.
How is the weather? It varies. The summers are warm, the winters are cool. It gets surprisingly cold at night even in spring and summer, given that it's so high up in the mountains. But as four seasons go, it's pleasant, and the humidity is low, which is nice.
Additional thoughts? It's a great city.

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