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    Name: | Age: 21 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 44118 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added at: 2007-01-23
    Artisticness: 2.0   Calmness: 3.0   Helpfulness: 5.0   Intelligence: 5.0   Neatness: 2.0   Outgoingness: 1.0   
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    What do you like about Lakewood?
    many things,1st off -no one comes to a resturaunt and then demands a kosher kitchen be put in and then blackballs it to be able to buy it
    orthodox jews cant eat from a shop unless there is an already kosher kitchen with a full time person making sure it is to the laws and standards of kosher.

    -i had non jewish neighbors and we got along just fine .my culture is different but we both got along very well,noone is pushing anyone out of their houses.of course there are things that the community needs to fix,but that is not any different than any other community in the world .ORHODOX JEWS IN PARTICULAR,NEED TO LIVE TOGETHER FOR MANY REASONS,SYNAGOGUES,SCHoOLS,KOSHER SHOPPING AND TO HAVE AN ORTHODOX SURROUNDING .so it is not about pushing people out.i would say it is about having a close community that would pay that price to have that lifestyle.
    -as far as schools go
    why would one vote to pay more money for services that dont have any benifit to them.
    if you would,i dont think that is very intelligent.
    you vote for your needs.
    also there is a tremendous misconception to think that the jews are all rich.
    i would say that more than 70% that live in lakewood are far from that.i know this for a fact.i am probably even being very liberal about the is probably even more than that.but like you said ,this community takes care of their people and there is tremendous charity help and other programs that make this community thrive.
    because of this ,i find it difficult for people to vote more taxes on things that have no benifit for themselves.
    i would suggest that every community should learn from this one,and take care of its own.if every community would do that,this world would be a better place.

    what do you dislike about Lakewood?

    there are those people who will never understand these issues in this light
    and it can cause tremendous rifts between people.i think that there needs to be more dialogue between everyone and all people would
    feel a difference.there would be less negativity and more understanding between each other.

    What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in?
    i like the lake is a very calming experience every time i am there

    How expensive is it?
    in general lakewood is an expensive place to live
    because of the supply and demand rule.
    when there is fewer places of choice then the item will obviously be more i said before,because the orthodox need to live together,it makes their choices of living much less than a nother person who is not an orthodox jew.

    Is it safe?

    in the jewish community
    there is always influences from the larger society
    but one thing i can assure you,compared to the rest of the world,lakewood is extremely safe,thefts ,drugs,crimes,murder,you hardly even hear of it in the orthodox part of the community.and when it does happen,it is the biggest news of the town. many other places
    these things are daily and constant occurances.

    How is the weather?
    northeast, what can you the summer it is beautiful.

    Additional thoughts?i think instead of looking for things that are not to a persons liking in any particular community,we should try and be more understanding of everything that goes in for that thought process.there are and will always be people who practice what they are supposed to do,and there r those that unfortunately that dont.we all have to realize what effects that can have on other people.
    this goes for jews and gentiles alike.