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    Name: sircharles | Age: 65 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 32408 | Resident for: 6 months | Added at: 2011-12-21
    Artisticness: 1.0   Calmness: 2.0   Helpfulness: 3.0   Intelligence: 1.0   Neatness: 1.0   Outgoingness: 3.0   
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    Sorry. Cut and paste problem.

    A few things about Laketown Wharf and Panama City Beach that you will not be told on their webstites:

    From 1 to 5, they are 2.5 tops.

    Laketown Wharf operates like an extended stay hotel where you are not pampered. You take care of yourself like you are at home until you leave.

    Panama City Beach is far from pedestrian friendly. Everything is spread out and behind huge parking lots.

    Laketown Wharf is extremely proud of the Dancing Fountain and annual X-mas party. What a disappointment! The 1st 30 seconds of orchestra makes you take notice. After that, what accompanies the show is common and crass music, and the speakers, rather than being pointed at the passers-by, are directed right at your hotel room so blocking it out is not an option. The same is true about the music (common & crass) and the speakers (directed right at your hotel room) during what they call a live “Christmas” event.

    The whole experience makes you feel like you are staying at the Motel 6 across from the State Fair.