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    Name: | Age: 24 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 92503 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added at: 2008-05-12
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    What do you like about Riverside?
    1. It is near the mountain resorts of Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear.
    2. Easy access to Ontario airport, if you ever get the hankering to travel.
    3. The Mission Inn can be real cute, especially when they light it up at the holidays.
    4. A lot of colleges for a town of this size. (Population of around 300,000.)
    5. (Personal reason, does not apply to all) My whole family, really, lives in this area. Still dunno if that's enough to make me stay.

    What do you dislike about Riverside?
    1. There is a LOT of smog. A lot. For someone with asthma (such as myself) this can be a big deal.
    2. A lot of people seem to be the Jerry Springer type. And this isn't everyone, it just seems that we have a greater proportion of these people in Riverside.
    3. The weather- But I'll get to that later.
    4. The schools are pretty crappy. 'Nuff said.
    5. It's very expensive and still not that great.
    What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in?
    1. Downtown by the Mission Inn. The whole downtown \\\"mall\\\" (really an open shopping center) is real cute. In the winter they bring in an ice skating rink. The Mission Inn is gorgeous, and the shops are fun to look at.
    How expensive is it? I would say that is very expensive, considering what you get for the money. It is not San Francisco or NYC expensive, but I am intending to move before I need to buy a home.
    Is it safe? Personally, I have never had any trouble. I don't live in a particularly bad area, the Arlington area, but I've never had trouble anywhere, really.
    How is the weather? Horrible. Possibly the worst thing about Riverside.
    1. There is a stifling ammount of smog all year round, except on the coldest days of perhaps December.
    2. We get some sunshine, but a lot more overcast days than you would think in Southern california.
    3. Season by season- Winter? Mild and bland, not very cold at all. It never snows here, and rains only occasionally. You don't even really need a sweater at all (highs in the sixties and seventies, lows in the forties, possibly thirties on the coldest days)
    Spring? Hell on the allergies. Spring, I think, is when we get most of our rain, too.
    Summer? Extremely hot. Sweltering. Most days are well over 100 degrees, and if you get nosebleeds and vomiting like me, the summer is not fun.
    Fall- Very windy. The Santa Anas blow in big, and start a lot of forest fires.

    Additional thoughts?
    I don't want to insult anyone or be rude, I'm just saying how I feel about Riverside. For people intending to move here, you may love Riverside. I know a lot of people who really like it here, it is just personal taste. :D