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    Name: Lauren | Age: 19 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 39531 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added at: 2005-09-27
    Artisticness: 3.0   Calmness: 4.0   Helpfulness: 5.0   Intelligence: 4.0   Neatness: 3.0   Outgoingness: 5.0   
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    What do you like about Biloxi? Friendly people and beautiful scenery on the beach/ old houses; and the rebel flag that flew over Beauvoir.

    What do you dislike about Biloxi? Right now, the fact that Katrina destroyed it....and that it's too humid.

    What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? I enjoy living where I do; it's in close proximity to anything I need/want.

    How expensive is it? Not very, compared to many other "tourist trap" everywhere in Florida.

    Is it safe? Where I live, yes. But if you have connections, you're safe anywhere. It's great.

    How is the weather? Too humid...but glad it gets coldish during xmas.

    Additional thoughts? It's a great place to live; good food, great people. It's just like anywhere else. You have to give it a chance.