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    Name: | Age: 42 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 48091 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added at: 2007-01-19
    Artisticness: 1.0   Calmness: 2.0   Helpfulness: 2.0   Intelligence: 2.0   Neatness: 2.0   Outgoingness: 2.0   
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    Blight? What truly defines blight? According to Websters Many cases going before Warren's Blight court are NOT within the legal definition of the word blight. I would like to welcome anyone to drive down Crystal St. off 11 mile rd between Mound and Ryan South side of service dr. and pick out your definition of blight. You would be suprised what the city believes is blight. 1 Place in particular, is a 35+ year creation. I think the city of Warren in in violation of blight for allowing this to continue and grow for this long. They will never take responsibility of course.