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    Name: Kelle | Age: 30 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 70118 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added at: 2005-08-30
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    New Orleans is a very culturally developed city. The people are animated and easygoing, the food is better than anywhere else in the world, and the music is rich and powerful
    However, New Orleans can be dirty and grimy, contrary to some of the beautiful architechure.
    Tourists should look forward to exploring all of New Orleans. The infamous French Quarter is favored only by tourists; most locals don't go on a regular basis. It's colourful and sultry presence is playful and fun to experience for a first time. The Garden District and Uptown New Orleans also sport amazing homes and buildings. The world renowned cemetaries can be found in the Garden District, along with Commander's Palace, one of the greatest restuarants in the world. Uptown is a local area. Magazine Street, a hip shopping and dining street, is one of the many attractions in Uptown. There are an infinate amount of fabulous restaurants found ubiquitously throughout this area. Streetcars also run along St. Charles, a beautiful street of magnificent mansions, and Carrolton Avenues. I suggest touring all aspects of the city when visiting.
    New Orleans is a fairly variable city price wise. Restaurants and shops vary from reasonable to very expensive. The city accomidates people willing to spend little or extravigantly.
    New Orleans is both safe and very dangerous. Uptown is usually safe, while other parts of the city are fairly riskier.
    The weather in New Orleans is very humid and hot during summer months, and winters run fairly cold. Snow is very rare in New Orleans.
    New Orleans is one of the most fabulously entertaining city in the world. Full of life, New Orleans is a joy to live in and visit. I suggest this city for everyone.