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    Name: | Age: 21 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 50310 | Resident for: 3-5 years | Added at: 2008-03-09
    Artisticness: 3.0   Calmness: 5.0   Helpfulness: 5.0   Intelligence: 4.0   Neatness: 2.0   Outgoingness: 5.0   
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    Des Moines is a great small city. For its size (approximately 200,000 city, 600,000 metro), Des Moines has a lot to offer. While there are no professional sports, there are minor league and college (GO DRAKE!) sports. Rent is low, crime is very low (compared to other cities of its size), auto insurance rates are dirt cheap, and fuel prices are low compared to other places. Schools are excellent, and this is a great place to raise a family. Believe it or not, Iowa has much more to offer than farmland. I have two complaints about Des Moines. First off, the weather. Summers are hot and muggy; Winters can be very cold and windy (snow removal is TERRIBLE here). If you like the midwestern climate, this will be no problem for you. Second, Des Moines is not the most attractive city as a whole. While I do not consider it to be "ugly," improvements could definitely be made. There are some buildings here that are in a state of disrepair. A little landscaping and upkeep would do this city wonders. Overall, Des Moines is a great place, and I am proud to call it home!