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    Name: Rian | Age: 26 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 60640 | Resident for: 5-10 years | Added at: 2006-09-09
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    Chicago is the most schizophrenic city I've ever experienced. It's a city that has an amazing amount of fun and exciting (and free!) things to do - movies and dancing lessons in the park, lectures, Tall Ships, fireworks each and every Wednesday and Saturday in the summer, awesome restaurants, and a setting that can't be beat.

    But we have a terribly corrupt government, a horribly unequal school system, we're the most racially divided city in the nation, and we're gentrifying so fast that pretty soon the city that works will be bereft of actual blue collar workers.

    But its a city full of people that, when you lose your wallet, will bike three miles just to hand deliver it to you. It's a city full of people that feel like it's a responsibility to have fun in the summer. And it's a city full of people who know who to throw really good parties.

    The great thing about Chicago is that there's something for everybody - boystown for the young and adventorous glbtq communities, and Andersonville for the more established, older glbtq community. Wickerpark and Bucktown for the alt-indie and yuppie crowd, lakeview for the inbetween; Uptown for the vagrants, the musicians and the I don't give a damns (rock!), Chinatown, Argyle Street, Pilsen, Korea Town, Ukranian Village, Hyde Park intellectuals - we gotcha covered. We're the freakin' United Nations.