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scoai | scoan | sloansloai | sluaisluan | scuanscuaiscoeiscoensloensloei | slueisluenscuenscuei


easy to understand, knows where life is going, not anxious, social, realistic, rarely loses things, is what they appear to be, easy to get to know, does not require lots of time alone to recharge, fearless, not lonely, happy, not self reflective, not doubting, level emotions, peaceful, non-hostile, does not fear failure, content, positive, good at sports, finishes most things they start, likes eye contact, easy to satisfy, accomplishes work on time, self confident, not prone to addiction, narcissistic, likes to lead, socially skilled, assertive, outgoing, trusting, likes crowds, not easily hurt, decisive, does not second guess self, not easily annoyed, religious tendencies, clean, orderly, good at getting people to like them, thinks before acting, usually not bored, worry free, productive, hard working, responsible, punctual, able to stand up for self, very busy, not easily distracted, logical, comfortable around others, not big on solitude, proper, don't get worked up about most things, relaxed, interested in others, generous, planner

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