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Average Ratings:
Artisticness: 3.4    Calmness: 3.2    Helpfulness: 2.9   
Intellectualness: 2.4    Neatness: 3.0    Outgoingness: 3.2   
Average Resident Personality Test Scores:
Artisticness: 3.01    Calmness: 3.11    Helpfulness: 2.88   
Intellectualness: 3.19    Neatness: 3.39    Outgoingness: 3.23   


Name: Tom | Age: 58 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 87106 | Resident for: more than 10 years | Added on: 2014-06-25
Artisticness: 3   Calmness: 3   Helpfulness: 2   Intelligence: 5   Neatness: 4   Outgoingness: 4   
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What do you like about Albuquerque? We liked it for the live and let live attitude; but that has changed. And it had a mild climate
What do you dislike about Albuquerque? It is in serious decline. Labs are cutting back which has really changed feel of city, not as artsy or intellectual. Mayor Barry has let the city get out of control. Police are committing murder on a near monthly basis and nothing is done about it. We are closing our office here because we can no longer attract talent to this town.
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in? Nob Hill.
How expensive is it?
Is it safe? No, and you are at risk from the Police as well as criminal.
How is the weather? It used to have a nice climate, in last five years summers have gotten hotter and winters have gotten colder. Plus the un-ending drought.

Additional thoughts? Avoid. If we were deciding today we would not move here.

Name: Mikey | Age: 19 | Gender: Male | ZIP: 87110 | Resident for: 1 year | Added on: 2008-03-13
Artisticness: 1   Calmness: 1   Helpfulness: 1   Intelligence: 1   Neatness: 1   Outgoingness: 3   
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This city was the biggest mistake of my life. It was interesting to take the Geographic test and it suggest this place for me. I grew up in Sonoma, CA (wine country) and nothing compares to the feelings i have here. Albuquerque was dull, boring, and there was nothing but the average cliche of an alcoholic or meth addict. No one had any ambition, aspirations, DREAMS. The only thing that kept me there was i was a preschool teacher and i become very attatched to my students. The cost of living there was convienient but just goes to show a new meaning to "dirt cheap". The crime rate is insane with everyday a drunk driver crash or a bank robbery or a meth lab. The weather there is a little bit more favorable during monsoon season and summer. I like the intensity of the sunshine. BUT THERE IS NO OCEAN AND GROWING UP IN CALIFORNIA I HAVE TO HAVE AN OCEAN. This city is for the sake of saying so a realistic hell. Where dirt goes to be punished in the next life.

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