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Average Ratings:
Artisticness: 3.0    Calmness: 4.0    Helpfulness: 3.0   
Intellectualness: 2.3    Neatness: 3.5    Outgoingness: 2.5   
Average Resident Personality Test Scores:
Artisticness: 3.01    Calmness: 2.99    Helpfulness: 2.89   
Intellectualness: 3.21    Neatness: 3.39    Outgoingness: 3.26   


Name: | Age: 15 | Gender: Female | ZIP: 40509 | Resident for: 3-5 years | Added on: 2006-04-04
Artisticness: 2   Calmness: 5   Helpfulness: 1   Intelligence: 1   Neatness: 3   Outgoingness: 1   
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What do you like about Lexington-Fayette? Nothing.
What do you dislike about Lexington-Fayette?
It's dead, no life. Everyone's nice, sure, but it has nothing to offer. If you want to be a lifeless drug addict with no aspirations, I'm sure you'd love it.
What are your favorite parts of the city to live and/or hang out in?
There isn't much. The Rupp Arena is all. Keenland's all it's known for, though.
How expensive is it?
There's a plus. Things aren't that expensive. But there aren't enough careers that are of use to living in Kentucky, so how do you get the money? And what's is for? Horse food?
Is it safe?
The occasional robbery. But most people are nice with good morals and sunny dispositions.
How is the weather? It's tempid enough, I guess. It's very variable, but overall pretty stable.
Additional thoughts?
It's not my place to be. If you like traditional smalltown's with no incentive to change and even less to experience, you might like it. The only people in the city that like it, though, are people who haven't been anywhere else, or people who don't generally enjoy vivacity.

Name: | Age: 15 | Gender: Female | ZIP: | Resident for: 2 years | Added on: 2006-01-05
Artisticness: 4   Calmness: 4   Helpfulness: 4   Intelligence: 2   Neatness: 4   Outgoingness: 2   
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Lexington is amazing. It is the most beautiful place I have ever lived, and I still love to visit there frequently due to a large amount of family throughout Kentucky. Lexington is one of my favorite cities ever. There are friendly people in a beautiful setting.

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